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Faculty Directory U-Z


Vester, JacylnCTE Instructor, Agriculture
Email:  jvester@pcsstn.com



Waller, MistyInstructor, Mathematics
BS, Tennessee Technological University
Email: wallerm1@pcsstn.com

Walker, Janita – Instructor, ESL
Email:   jwalker@pcsstn.com

Ward, LaneBuilding Principal
MA in Instructional Leadership from TTU in 2000
Phone: (931) 520-2160
Email: warde1@pcsstn.com

Watson, Jay – CTE Instructor, Info. Tech/Web Design
Email:  jwatson@pcsstn.com

Watts, Faye Instructor, Fine Arts
BS, Middle Tennessee State University;
MFA, University of Georgia
Email: wattsf1@pcsstn.com

Weaver, Marlen Technology
Phone: (931) 520-2172
Email: weaverm1@pcsstn.com

Webb, Jordan Instructor, Physical Education
Email:   jwebb1@pcsstn.com

West, Keisha – Instructor, Special Populations
Email: kwest@pcsstn.com

White, Donna – ISS
Email:   dwhite1@pcsstn.com

White, MitchellInstructor, Fine Arts
BS, Tennessee Technological University
Email: whitem13@pcsstn.com

Williams, Jeff Instructor, Social Studies
Email: jwilliams4@pcsstn.com

Williams, JenniferInstructor, Science/Department Head
Science – BS, MA, Tennessee Technological University
Email: williamsj37@pcsstn.com

Winningham, Betty – Teaching Assistant
Email: bwinningham@pcsstn.com

Dr. Wright, Tiffanie – Instructor, Science
BS, MA, Ed. S. – Tennessee Technological University
Ed. D. – Tennessee State University
Email: twright@pcsstn.com

Wrasman, Bill Instructor, Wellness
BS, Carson Newman College, MA, Tennessee Technological University
Email:  wrasmanw@pcsstn.com


Yates, TomMaintenance
Phone: (931) 520-2174
Email: yatesh@pcsstn.com

Young, SteveInstructor, Science
BS and MA in Curriculum Instruction,  Tennessee Technological University
Email:  youngs14@pcsstn.com


Zellner, TiffanyInstructor, Culinary Arts
Email: tzellner@pcsstn.com