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Faculty Directory M-P


Mahan, Allison – Instructor, English, and Newspaper 
Email: allison.mahan@pcsstn.com

Mansell, Randy –  CTE Instructor, Construction
Phone: (931) 520-2145
Email: mansellr@pcsstn.com

Mayette, ChavonInstructor, Math
Email:  cmayette@pcsstn.com

Maynord, Jimmy – Instructor, Physical Education, Football Coach
Phone:  520-2256
Email:  maynordj@pcsstn.com

Melton, Landon Instructor, Mathematics/Department Head BS, Tennessee Technological University
Email: meltonl2@pcsstn.com

Miesch, BrianInstructor/Department Head, Spanish, French BA, Tennessee Technological University; MA, University of Southern Mississippi
Email: mieschb@pcsstn.com

Morell, Sarah – Special Populations
Email: sarah.morell@pcsstn.com

Murphy, Trichi – Instructor, Math
Email: trichi.murphy@pcsstn.com


Nash, Dr. Linda C.  Executive Principal
Email: nashl@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2287

Nicholson, Dawn Instructor, English MA, Tennessee Technological University Email: nicholsond@pcsstn.com

Nelms, Nathanael – English
Email: nathanael.nelms@pcsstn.com



Pace, Demetria – Instructor, Special Populations
Email: demetria.pace@pcsstn.com

Pack, KimInstructor, Science BS, Tennessee Technological University
Email: packk@pcsstn.com

Papa, Amy – School Psychologist for 11th – 12th Grades
Email: amy.papa@pcsstn.com

Parker, Cynthia – 2nd Floor Commons Office
Email: parkerc5@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2173

Patton, Jennie – CTE Instructor, Broadcasting
Email:  jennie.patton@pcsstn.com

Paul, Haven – Nurse
Email:  hpaul@pcsstn.com
Phone:  520-2179

Pedigo, Michael –  CTE Instructor, Automotive
Phone:  520-2151
Email:  mpedigo@pcsstn.com

Perry, Paul – TCAT Instructor
Email:   paul.perry@tcatlivingston.edu

Col. Philpot, NickeyInstructor, JROTC/Department Head
Phone: (931) 520-2169
Email: nphilpot@pcsstn.com

Piggott, JeanaInstructor, Math
Email:  jpiggott@pcsstn.com

Pittman, Ciara – Instructor, English
Email:   ciara.pittman@pcsstn.com

Powell, David Instructor, CTE STEM
Email:  dpowell@pcsstn.com

Putman, Will  – Instructor, Head Mens’ Soccer Coach
Email: williamh.putman@pcsstn.com