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Faculty Directory I-L


Johnson, Danielle – CTE Instructor, Agriculture
BS, Tennessee Technological University
Phone: (931) 520-2130
Email: djohnson2@pcsstn.com

Johnson, Donna – Instructor, Math
BS, Virginia Tech; MS, Loyola University
Email: djohnson@pcsstn.com

Johnson, Liz – Instructor, English
Email: johnsonl11@pcsstn.com

Jones, Nadine – Instructor, German
Bachelor of Arts Degree is in History with minors in German and Political Science from M.T.S.U. 1985
Email: jonesn6@pcsstn.com


Kefauver, Adam – Assistant Principal
Email: adam.kefauver@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2120

Kennon, Spencer – Instructor, Math
Email: spencer.kennon@pcsstn.com

Keylon, Blake – (TCAT, AM) Megatronics Instructor
Email: blake.keylon@pcsstn.com

Kucsmas, Olivia – Instructor, Science
Email: olivia.kucsmas@pcsstn.com



Lack, Nicole – Instructor, PE
Email: npugh@pcsstn.com

Landis, Nancy – Instructor, English
Email: nancy.landis@pcsstn.com

Ledford, James – Instructor, Social Studies
Email: jledford@pcsstn.com

Ledford, John – Instructor, Social Studies
Email:   john.ledford@pcsstn.com

Dr. Ligon, Katherine – Assistant Principal, Attendance Coordinator, Teacher Evaluation, Senior Discipline, Female Athletic Director and Family Engagement
BS, MA, EdS, Tennessee Technological University; EdD, Tennessee State University
Phone:  (931) 520-2167
Email: ligonk@pcsstn.com

Long, Sheila – Administrative Assistant, Main Office
Phone: (931) 520-2181
Email: longs9@pcsstn.com