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Faculty E-H


Flatt, Merry – Instructor, Dance
Email: mflatt@pcsstn.com

Ford, Robin – Instructor, Fine Arts
Email: rford@pcsstn.com

Forgey, Chelsey – Instructor, Math
Email: forgey@pcsstn.com

Foster, Carla – Instructor, Math
Email: cfoster@pcsstn.com

Foster, David – Instructor, Math
Email: dfoster1@pcsstn.com

Sergeant Frazier, David- Instructor, JROTC
Phone: (931) 520-2138
Email: frazierd7@pcsstn.com


George, Deborah – Administrative Assistant, Attendance
Phone: (931) 520-2111
Email: dgeorge@pcsstn.com

Griffith, Jessica – Instructor, English
Email: jessica.griffith@pcsstn.com

Grigsby, Abby – SPED Instructor
Email: aallen1@pcsstn.com

Goins, Nicki – CTE Instructor – Cosmetology
Email: nicki.goins@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2124


Hadlock, Judy – 10th – 12th Grade Counselor for S-Z
Phone: 520-2114
Email: jhadlock@pcsstn.com


Hamby, Joy – Librarian BS, Tennessee Technological University; MA, University of Tennessee
Phone: (931) 520-2134
Email: hambyj@pcsstn.com

Hannah, Kim – Special Education Consultation
Email: hannahk3@pcsstn.com
Phone: (931) 520-2180

Hardin, Stephanie, 10th – 12th Grade Counselor for A-D
Phone: (931) 520-2292
Email: shardin@pcsstn.com

Harris, Bill – Student Resource
Officer Phone: (931) 520-2137
Email: bharris@pcsstn.com

Harris, Joseph – Assistant Principal, Freshman Academy, Athletic Director
Email: jharris1@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2161

Harrison, Nicole – Science Instructor, IB Biology & Honors Anatomy BS, Michigan State University; MA, Tennessee Tech University
Email: harrisonn@pcsstn.com

Hatcher, Darlene- 10th – 12th Grade Counselor for E-L BS, MA, Tennessee Technological University
Phone: (931) 520-2135
Email: hatcherd2@pcsstn.com

Hawkins, Carolyn- Instructor, English BA, MA, MA+45, Tennessee Technological University      Phone: (931) 520-2120
Email: hawkinsc1@pcsstn.com

Heard, Joshua – SPED Instructor/Science BA, Tennessee Technological University
Email: jheard@pcsstn.com

Heiss, Molly – Social Worker
Email: mheiss@pcsstn.com

Henry, Judith – CTE Instructor, Business Finance
Email: judith.henry@pcsstn.com

Higgins, Deborah – Instructor, Science BS and MS from TN Technology University
Email: dhiggins1@pcsstn.com

Hill, Matt – Instructor, English Email: mhill@pcsstn.com

Hill, Tammi – Administrative Assistant to the Building Principal
Phone: (931) 520-2105
Email: thill@pcsstn.com

Hoffmeyer, Kelly – Administrative Assistant, Commons Office
Phone: (931) 520-2127 Email: khoffmeyer@pcsstn.com

Hooper, Rebecca – Teacher Assistant, Choral
Email: rebecca.hooper@pcsstn.com

Holder, Norma – CTE Instructor, Culinary Arts/FACS
Email: norma.holder@pcsstn.com

Howard, Eric – Instructor, Mathematics BS Tennessee Technological University
Email: howarde2@pcsstn.com