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Faculty Directory A-D


Ablakwa, Cephas – Instructor, Fine Arts
Email: cablakwa@pcsstn.com

Andrews, James- Instructor, Foreign Language
Email: jandrews@pcsstn.com

Arbogast, Michelle- Instructor, Science
BS, Tennessee Technological University, MS – Nova Southeastern
Email: marbogast@pcsstn.com

Ashby, Joye – Instructor, English
Email:  joye.ashby@pcsstn.com


Baker, Chris – Instructor, VITAL Lab
Email: cbaker2@pcsstn.com

Barlow, Michael – Instructor, Spanish
BS, MA, Tennessee Technological University
Email: barlowm1@pcsstn.com

Bayless, Josh – Instructor, Social Studies
Email: jbayless@pcsstn.com

Benjamin, Julie – Freshman Academy – English Instructor
BA, MA, Tennessee Tech, ED.S in Instructional Leadership
Email: jbenjamin@pcsstn.com

Bohon, Jessika – Instructor, French
Email:   jessika.bohon@pcsstn.com

Bottoms, Claudia – Instructor, Spanish
BS, Loyola University Maryland; MA, Tennessee Technological University
Email: bottomsc@pcsstn.com

Bowman, Michelle – Instructor, SPED
Email:  mbowman3@pcsstn.com

Bray, Amy – Instructor, Special Education
BS, Tennessee Technological University
Phone: (931) 520-2178
Email: braya@pcsstn.com

Bray, Kevin – Instructor, Health/PE
EDS, Tennessee Technological University
Phone: (931) 520-2113
Email:  brayk1@pcsstn.com

Brock, Janie – Instructor, SPED
BS, Belmont College
Email:  brocks1@k12tn.net

Brown, Keith – Instructor, Social Studies
EdS in Instructional Leadership from TTU in 2009
BS, Tennessee Technological University; MA, West Georgia University
Email: rbrown1@pcsstn.com

Brown, Misty – Instructor, SPED
Phone: (931) 520-2165
Email: brownm18@pcsstn.com

Brown, Nathan – Instructor, English
Email: nathan.brown@pcsstn.com

Brummitt, Vicky – Instructor, English

BS, MA Tennessee Technological University
Email: brummittv@pcsstn.com

Burgess, Lisa – Instructor, Mathematics
BS, Industrial Engineer, MA, Tennessee Technological University
Email: burgessl1@pcsstn.com

Burnett, Leah – Counselor to Special Programs and Graduation Coach
Phone: (931) 520-2163
Email: lburnett@pcsstn.com

Bussell, Layne – Instructor, English
Email: lbussell1@pcsstn.com


Phone: (931) 520-2021

Chaffin, Brent – Instructor, Social Studies
BS, MA Tennessee Technological University
Email: chaffinb1@pcsstn.com

Chambers, EmilyInstructor, English
Email: ephillips1@pcsstn.com

Choate, Michael – Instructor, Fine Arts
Phone: (931) 520-2121
Email: choatem@pcsstn.com

Cook, Julie – Bookkeeper, Main Office
Phone: (931) 520-2187
Email: cookj@pcsstn.com

Cook, Scott – Assistant Principal – Freshmen Academy, 9th & 10th Discipline
BS Oakland City Univ., MA, EdS, Tennessee Technological University
Phone: (931) 520-2122
Email:  cooks5@pcsstn.com

Cox, Jackie – Instructor, Science
Email: jcox2@pcsstn.com

Cunningham, Shane – Instructor, Fine Arts – Drama
Email: scunningham2@pcsstn.com


Darley, Amber – Vocational Instructor, Marketing
Email:  adarley@pcsstn.com

Denney, Kelsey – Science Instructor
Email:  kdenney@pcsstn.com