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Special Education

The Special Education Department at Cookeville High School offers services to all students who have been certified as mandated by state and/or federal guidelines to be qualified and eligible for services. Services include a Consultation Program, which works cooperatively with regular education classes; a Resource Program with a full range of academic classes; and a Comprehensive Development Program based on three levels of ages and/or abilities. A school-to-work program is offered through the Transition Department and provides services including classroom instruction, in-school supervised work experiences, community based on-the-job training, and independent co-op. A full-time Behavior classroom is provided for students to develop appropriate skills so that they may return to regular classes. Trained personnel provide for group and independent counseling services on an as-needed basis. Ancillary services include programs for students with speech, hearing, vision, and physical disabilities.

Students are referred for Special Education Services through teacher, counselor, or parent recommendations and are determined eligible by a school psychologist or family physician. Students must be recertified every three years to maintain a current eligibility status. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is designed for each student through a meeting of the IEP Team, which takes place no less than once each year. The IEP Team may include the parent or legal guardian, the student, both special and regular education teachers, school administrators, a counselor or school psychologist, and other professionals as designated by the school system. The role of the IEP team is to develop an appropriate education program for all eligible students in the least restrictive environment.

The Special Education team consists of teachers trained in all aspects of disability services; transition and behavior specialists; school psychologists; speech, physical and occupational therapists; social workers; classroom aides; job coaches; and LPN staff.

1. Michelle Bowman
2. Amy Bray
3. Janie Brock
4. Abby Jo Grigsby
5. Kim Hannah
6. Josh Heard
7. Koye Henderlight
8. Jessica Johns
9. Vanessa Johnson
10. Jessica Johns
11. Heather MacLeod
12. Jilliane Myers
13. Cynthia Parker
14. Shawn Patterson
15. Anita Ray
16. Jodi Smith
17. Marina Stump
18. Kathleen Sullivan
19. Kisah West
20. Betty Winninham