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The mathematics department is committed to the offering of courses that will prepare our students to be successful upon graduation. Within each course, every effort is made to apply the math concepts to real world situations and to use existing technology to enhance learning.

The key to successful math development is to begin at the level that is appropriate based upon performance in previous math courses. We encourage parents to rely heavily on the recommendation of the current math teachers. Also, when taking Algebra I and Algebra II parents should encourage enrollment in the A & B course unless the student is an exceptional math student and has teacher recommendation to take the one term course.

1. Landon Melton, Department Head
2. Lisa Burgess
3. Chelsey A. Forgey
4. David Foster
5. Rachell Goodwin
6. Lura Hawkins
7. Eric Howard
8. Donna Johnson
9. Chevon Mayette
10. Norda McAfee
11. Charlene Page
12. Jeana Piggott
13. David Powell
14. Christine Rivers
15. Joann Shriner
16. Misty Waller