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Health and Physical Education

The Foreign Language Department offers students a choice of French, German, or Spanish. Students are provided with practice in the four key elements of language development: speaking, reading, writing, and listening in the student’s language of choice. In addition to classroom work and practice, students use the Sony listening lab to hear a variety of dialects and accents and to practice speaking with partners, in small groups, and to record assigned materials. In the department’s computer lab students practice with a variety of software programs and online components tied to their textbooks. Honors and/or IB classes are also offered in each language should students wish to pursue study at a higher level.

Field trips allow for students to see plays and special museum or theatrical performances in the target language. French, German, and Spanish clubs offer an opportunity for school and community service projects. Club projects often bring students into contact with speakers who have traveled to or who are natives of the various countries under study.

1. Brian Miesch, Department Head
2. James Andrews
3. Mike Barlow
4. Claudia Bottoms
5. Nadine Jones
6. Ivania Perez
7. Jan Presley