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English Language Arts

The curriculum of the English Department at Cookeville High School follows the State guidelines as well as the English Curriculum Guide for Putnam County. The program is designed for students to earn one credit annually for each of the state required classes (English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12). Honors English is offered at each grade level. Advanced Placement English 11 and English 12 are taught when a sufficient number of students register for the courses.The English Department also offers electives in the following areas: Journalism (Yearbook and Newspaper), Speech, and Creative Writing.

All English classes at Cookeville High School incorporate grammar, literature, oral and written expressions, and analysis and research techniques. The four-year program incorporates computer technology (including various software programs, word processing, internet and publication systems) as well as makes use of audio visual media.

1. Carolyn Hawkins, Department Head
2. Dawn Nicholson, Department Head
3. Joye Ashby
4. Julie Benjamin
5. Vicki Brummit
6. Sharon Cochrane
7. Shane Cunningham
8. Jennifer Fields
9. Jessica Johns
10. Tracy Jones
11. Elizabeth Johnson
12. Sherri Leimer
13. Allison Mahan
14. Mary Martin
15. Kristy McClanahan
16. Rebecca Payne
17. Emily Phillips
18. Molly Risley
19. Rachel Robinson
20. Binny Stumpf