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Career and Technical

The mission of Career and Technical Education is to enhance the economic development process by providing persons of all age, social-economic status and learning potential opportunities to acquire career competencies for the workplace and foundation for career development through matriculation to higher education. For more opportunities in career and technical education.

Notice: Students attending private schools may enroll in Career Technical Education classes at CHS. For more information contact the CHS guidance department.


  1. Danielle Johnson – Department Head
  2. Amber Darley
  3. Lisa Flatt
  4. Goins, Nicki
  5. Randy Mansell
  6. Brittany Neely
  7. Jenny Patton
  8. Michael Pedigo
  9. Dave Powel
  10. Mandy Rawls
  11. Shannon Renegar
  12. Stephanie Ross
  13. Jackie Vester
  14. James Watson
  15. Tiffany Zellner