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Col. Philpot

Col. Nickey W. Philpot
Senior Army Instructor

Sergeant Frazier

Sergeant David Frazier
Army Instructor

1st Sergeant Douglas

1st Sergeant Douglas Romero
Army Instructor

JROTC helps our students develop a combination of skills, knowledge, and inner strengths.  So we don’t teach the way other courses do.  In fact, much of our teaching isn’t teaching at all.  It’s training.  We train you for leadership by having you lead.  We train you to be physically confident by running you through a difficult obstacle course.  We train you in teamwork by having you solve problems as a member of a group.  We train you to take pride in your physical appearance by showing you how to wear a uniform properly.  We train you to teach by asking you to put together a lesson plan and assist in teaching a class.  You get the idea.  But behind this idea there’s another idea.  All the ways we train you add up to this: we train you to succeed.  We train you to be good at the things you need to be good at- in school and in life.