Every student. Every day

Administrative Faculty


Dr. Linda C. Nash – Executive Principal
Email: nashl@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2287

Clif Matlock – Assist. Principal
Email: joseph.matlock@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2161

Karen Trentham – Assist. Principal
Email: ktrentham@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2162

Kathy Ligon – Assist. Principal
Email: ligonk@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2167

Gina Hale – Assist. Principal
Email: haleg@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2119

Stephen Robbins – Assist. Principal
Email: stephen.robbins@pcsstn.com

Russell Darley – Freshman Academy Principal
Email: russell.darley@pcsstn.com


Administrative Support Staff

Julie Cook – Bookkeeper
Email: cookj@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2187

Deborah George – Attendance Office
Email: dgeorge@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2109

Jennifer Hall – Curriculum and Instruction
Email: jhall@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2115

Tammi Hill – Assistant to the Building Principal
Email: thill@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2105

Kelly Hoffmeyer – 2nd Floor Counseling Office
Email: khoffmeyer@pcsstn.com

Sheila Long – Main Office
Email: longs9@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2181

Cynthia Parker – Commons Office
Email: parkerC5@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2173

Betty Winningham – Special Education
Email: bwinningham@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2108


Student Resource Officers

Bill Harris
Email: bharris@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2137

David Cantrell
Email: david.cantrell@pcsstn.com
Phone: 520-2187


School Psychologists

Amy Papa – School Psychologist for 11th – 12th Grades
Email: amy.papa@pcsstn.com

Courtney Edmonds – School Psychologist for 9th -10th Grades
Email: courtney.edmonds@pcsstn.com