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3-D Animation

Constructing & Modeling 3-D Worlds

Jennie PattonMs. Jennie Patton

Digital Art & Design Teacher

Email: jennie.patton@pcsstn.com, jdpatton1@aol.com

Experience: Jennie Patton, Digital Art and Design instructor holds teacher certifications in Graphic Communications, English 7-12, and Health K-12. She has also worked in the Printing and Mailing industry and for three Professional Baseball teams as a part-time scout. In her nine years of teaching in this area, she has dealt with ever changing technology and the need to constantly grow in expertise and make new experiences available to students of all ages. As a certified ADDA Digital Designer, she keeps up with new imagery and video advancements, along with new digital technologies and software innovations.


  Competent in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, IMovie, Windows Movie Maker, CyberLink Power Director, Photography, Videography, and Video Production.



2016-2017 Digital Arts & Design Students:

 Ellie Batson (10)

 R. Annie McBride (11)

 Tyler Randolph (11)

 Darp Dinger (12)

 Kaden Frieze (12)

 Wesley Hill (12)

 C. Jacob Johnson (12)

 Whitney Leftwich (12)