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Registration Info for Next School Year

Hello to parents of our rising CHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors!

If your child has not completed his or her registration form and communicated class requests to the appropriate counselor for the next school year, please remind them to do so as soon as possible. We need to have all student course requests submitted before Friday, May 15th. Registration forms and information were sent to all student’s email addresses the first week in April from their counselor. Contact information for your child’s counselor for the 2020- 21 school year is listed below.  Please reach out to us should you or your student have questions or concerns.  Thank you!

Rising Sophomores/ Last names

A- G Julie Smith (smithj98@pcsstn.com)

H- O Judy Hadlock (jhadlock@pcsstn.com)

P- Z Angie Arnett (arnetta@pcsstn.com)

Rising Juniors & Seniors/ Last names

A- G Stephanie Hardin (shardin@pcsstn.com)

H- O Darlene Hatcher (hatcherd2@pcsstn.com)

P- Z Lori Strode (strodel1@pcsstn.com)