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Student Congress Elections Results

Due to AP testing until 4:30 this afternoon, the student congress results cannot be communicated during traditional announcement times. The results are as follows:

Student Body President- Claire Craig
Student Vice President – Addie Hall
Student Body Treasurer – Sarah Ashburn
Student Body Secretary – Solomon Trapp
Senior Class President- Jake Thomas
Senior Class Vice President – Tyler Buck
Senior Class Secretary – John David Manier
Senior Class Treasurer – Andrew Agbunag
Senior Class Representatives –  Olivia Benjamin
                     Josh Campbell
                     Abby Cravens
                     Josh Leal
                     Josh Varley
                     Alyssa Wheeler
Junior Class President – Annie Wood
Junior Class Vice-President – Mary Grace Cravens
Junior Class Treasurer – Emma Cate Jones
Junior Class Secretary – Grace McCormick
Junior Class Representatives – Carley Cantrell
                    Matthew Erickson
                    Lisa Garcia
                    Olivia Keith
                    Alley King
                    Michael Shaffer
Sophomore Class President – Eli Apple
Sophomore Class Vice-President – Emma Sells
Sophomore Class Treasurer – Bradi Betcher
Sophomore Class Secretary – Sarah Dudney
Sophomore Class Representatives – Porter Davidson
                             McKinna Harvin
                             Sadie Mae Stroud
                             Mary Catherine Turner
                             Jennifer Vicente
                             Katie Ward
                             Karlin Watson