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Graduation Instructions

History of the High School Cap and Gown

The custom of wearing caps and gowns as a symbol of learning has been handed down through generations. Learned men of medieval times wore caps and gowns as symbol of high scholastic achievement. A commencement exercise is a great event in the life of a graduate. It is indeed an impressive ceremony. The cap, called the mortarboard, shall be worn so the mortarboard is level. Tassels shall be worn on the left side. The gown shall be worn closed. A gown properly fitted, should come to within 8-10 inches from the floor. Val and Sal will wear gold sashes, summa cum laude will wear red stoles, magna cum laude will wear white stoles, and cum laude will wear blue stoles. Various dubs/organizations will be wearing honor cords. Students who receive honor medallions should wear those as well.

Graduation Attire

Graduates may not wear jeans of any color, shorts, tennis shoes, or brightly colored shoes. Dress sandals for ladies may be won but MUST have a back for safety purposes (NO BACKLESS SHOES!) A lightweight dress is recommended. Boys should wear a light-colored dress shirt, tie, and dress pants (may be khakis), dark shoes and dark socks. Dress boots may be worn (No work boots.) No sandals. Gowns should be pressed.

Graduation Fee

Josten’s will distribute caps and gowns. If you have not already done so you may order by calling 423-3964201. A GRADUATION FEE of $40.00 is due. This covers diploma, diploma cover, and other fees associated with graduation.

Guests of Graduates

We ask that there be no yelling, shouting, whistling, use of noise makers (including air horns or anything else that might prevent a family from hearing their name called. Guests will Not be allowed in the lineup corridors once the final count begins. Handicap seating is available at the entrance (top) of the Hoop. NO ONE will be allowed on the floor except graduates and faculty. Door will be open to the public at 8:30. Be reminded that various law enforcement agencies from our community will be on hand to make graduation safe and memorable.


  • May 17- Wednesday- Graduation Practice 9:00am Hooper Eblen Center Required Senior Picnic to follow
  • May 20 – Saturday- Graduation 10:00am (Students must be in line no later than 9:15am)